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Our Process..

Initial Meeting…

We come to you, at a convenient time and discuss your requirements in detail. We’ll offer advice and suggestions on all facets of design, engineering, approvals, and construction. The first consultation is free.

A day or two after this meeting, we will provide a detailed written quote. Based on your local council requirements. This process ensures minimum delays with council approval.

Preliminary Design…

Once we have been commissioned, we will draw up a draft design based on our discussion. If required, we will provide multiple options for you to explore.


Design Meeting…

We come out to see you again and discuss the proposed design(s) in detail and take note of any changes that may be required. After this meeting, the drawings are updated as required for design sign-off. Optional 3D drawings are also presented to help envisage your new home/extension.


Construction drawings…

Once the design is signed off, we then proceed to detail up the plans for the Construction Certificate. This will include all measurements including window and finishes schedule to ensure a smooth build.

These drawings can then be provided to the Structural Engineer and other external consultants as required by your local council. Builders will also be able to quote off these plans.

Our client can submit the plans to the Council to save cost or we can submit them for you. We will help you fill out the paperwork for the Development Application.


Approval …

Our support does not stop there, we ensure your plans are approved, and any changes required by the council are made free of charge. We comply with council requirements to minimise changes.

We also answer any questions your builder may have during construction.





What we provide…




Documentation that complies with your Local Council requirements, Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC), or through a Private Certifier – Complying Development Certificate (CDC).




What is the difference between a DA and a CDC?




A Development Application (DA) is a merit-based assessment conducted directly through the local council. A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is quicker, approx 10 days. But must comply to a set of black and white rules.




Ref to for more information




All our building  design & documentation includes –




  • Conceptual sketching
  • Construction drawings
  • Compliance schedules
  • Window schedule
  • BASIX Certificates (Building Sustainability Index)
  • Shadow Diagrams
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Arrange and Coordinate Engineering and/or Hydraulic Plans as required.








  • 3D modeling and colour visualisation




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